Best Deep-Tissue Massage Roller and Shiatsu Pillow Massage Review

A foam roller is a tool that makes it possible to “self” massage. Foam rollers are great for people whose muscles are typically more sensitive to physical pressure. Low-density foam rollers conform better to certain body parts.

The firmer “high-density” foam rollers press harder on the muscle and do a better job of breaking up fiber adhesions. They last much longer, so they’re a better investment for athletes and other frequent users. Foam rollers help break up adhesions and scar tissue and speed up the healing process by stimulating circulation.

My favorite foam roller exercises/stretches?

Foam rolling makes it possible to loosen muscles, break up scar tissue, and get blood flowing without the help of a personal trainer or massage therapist.My recommendation is to start with a low-density foam roller, and use it regularly, about as often as you exercise. Within a few weeks, the quality of your muscle tissue will improve and the rolling will become less painful. At that point, you’re ready for a firmer roller.

Foam roller exercises for back and shoulders

Foam roller is wonderful for massage therapy. It helps break up adhesions and scar tissue and speed up the healing process by stimulating circulation.

Foam rollers are great tools for relaxing tight muscles. There are a lot of exercises that help relaxing tight muscles: stretch, do yoga. For me, regular stretching only helps for a few hours, then I’m all tight again. So how foam rollers help to relax muscles?

Here are most important benefits:

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller Fast recovery from energetic workouts:

Foam roller stimulates tightness in muscles and enforces circulation. Foam roller provides a deep massage to exhausted, strained muscles. Perfect for Cross-Fit and Pilates.

Perfect for physical therapy, recommended by many physical therapists. Delivers oxygen and blood flow to muscles to promote faster healing.

Deep tissue massage for your whole body. With its unique textured surface, firm foam roller delivers targeted relief to aching muscles.

High density rollers are the most effective, as this will massage your muscles. During initial workout it will hurt badly while you’re rolling but that will ease the soreness that follows.

Delivers relief from tight muscles

I use it every day, sometimes twice a day to reduce tightness and reduce muscle soreness.

The roller is very light weight and easy to store. I can easily fit it in a gym bag and take it on the go. The roller feels amazing on my back. I have a horrible back and using this roller twice a day has eliminated the need for me to see a physical therapist.

I have better results using this roller than I did with health care practitioners. I place the roller on the floor and sit on it and place my hands behind me, then I start to slowly move my body back and forth. The great thing about this roller is that specific areas can be targeted and the amount of message in one area is easy to control.

The bumps on the roller dig deep into my muscles and skin and I can feel my muscles relaxing and the tightness and pain in my back disappearing. My back craves the deep massage daily and I can do this at home at my own convenience.

I no longer need physical therapy, because I can now massage my own back and do it for as long as I want! I use it after a long exercise in the gym to help reduce muscle stiffness.

Zyllion ZMA-13-BK FDA Listed Shiatsu Pillow Massager

This roller is also perfect for legs, neck, arms and pretty much a full body massage. The roller is made of very strong materials and it is very safe to use the roller. I have found that using the roller on hardwood floor works best.

My muscles recover faster after a gym workout and my muscles are more relaxed than ever. I love that I can use this roller anytime and anywhere. This is a perfect tool for athletes, travelers or anyone with back pain!

If you need muscle massage to help with the fibrous-muscle spasms in your back this Is a gem.

Rolling up and down my spine, it snapped all the bones into place, massaged my muscle spasm and provided a hinge for some stretching exercises.

The nubs on the roller are firm but giving. It is very comfortable to roll yourself up and down, just lie on it and use your legs to push you up and pull you down as your own weight provides the pressure and the roller provides the massage.

The deep tissue massage

The massaging nubs work wonders on my muscle spasms. I can get right to the spasms and apply pressure and massage and they feel so much better when I am done. It’s hard to believe a little roller like this could help with muscle spasms. If you have muscle spasms in your back or legs this thing will really help you.

Features Deep Tissue High Density Massage Ball

Multi-directional roll provides focused massage to target areas. Deep tissue massage: reduces muscle fatigue, promotes flexibility, and enhances performance

5″ diameter high density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to: IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps.

Massage Ball hardness

The ball is pretty hard with a little bit of give. That’s okay as I wanted something that could apply a significant amount of pressure.

Size wise, this Orb fits right in between a foam roller and a tennis ball…best of both worlds. It’s big enough that you really can roll on it, which can be uncomfortable to impossible on a smaller ball because the contact point is too small which can be unpleasant.

I wanted a ball to work out a tight muscle in my back and to apply more direct pressure to a specific point than I was able to get out of my roller I thought it was going to be made a thick rubber but is actually a hard foam.

Which Size Massager Should I Buy?

Typically the rollers are available in 3″ and 6″ diameters. I would tend to go for the 6″ for some exercises and the 3″ for others. From using various sizes of Fit Balls I know that the larger sizes are a bit more stable.

Still instability is what you are using the roller for. So for some exercises you want the greater instability of the 3″ size.

This roller is maneuverable enough that you can still target problem spots effectively, which can be difficult to reach. The foam is sufficiently stiff to get at deep muscle issues, but gives enough so it’s comfortable to put your full weight into.

In addition, this is easily believable as a travel companion where logs and sticks aren’t always convenient.

Great tool for athletes or anyone who needs to work out muscle tightness/soreness.

How to massage pain points?

When I find the pain points, and roll them good with this, I can feel them suddenly “let go”. It seems easier for me to vary the pressure as needed with this to get just the right amount of force.

I had just about given up on finding a solution to loosen up those muscles, but decided I’d try one more time. Before I got this, I always tried to find a way to loosen the muscles in my back...and since I am always the one to give massages and not get them, I needed something to assist me.

This roller was more appealing to me because of the raised notches on it. They are very firm, and they knead whatever muscle you are working.

It took me a little bit to get used to the pressure, but once I adjusted to it, it felt awesome. The kneading breaks up toxins to help your body naturally flush them out. This roller felt so nice when I was rolling over it.

If you are like me and don’t get massages, do yourself a favor and get you one of these. I stand up much straighter after using this on my back. I love it. Although I use it everywhere now, my favorite thing has to be just laying on top of it and rolling back and forth. Your body weight presses you against those nodules and gets those muscles that rarely gets touched.