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Best Elliptical Trainer: Review of Schwinn 430 and Maxi Climber Vertical Climb

Elliptical trainerElliptical trainers are a great way to get some balanced exercise. It doesn’t have to be a very expensive one, but I would avoid the very cheap ones too. The elliptical trainer is awesome and it burns more calories than a treadmill.

Elliptical trainers are a great way to get some exercise, but you need to make sure that you vary your routine in it (upping your levels, doing intervals, etc.) in order to continue getting the benefits.

You’ll sense fun with exercises on them that require some basic equipment and you can use a variety of different ways to build muscle and do a bit of cardio. These can build muscle the same as the gym machines, but you can do them without driving 40 miles.

So let’s see how they Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine  and Maxi Climber Vertical Climb compare.

Maxi Climber Vertical Climb

Maxi Climber Vertical Climb seems pretty solid. I’m in pretty good shape and this machine will definitely give a good workout. The motion is smooth and there’s not much sway at all. I like the adjustments to the seat, it gives you a good range. Its also pretty light and rolls easily.

Machine gave me the go-ahead to start working out again. I knew I would need something to pace myself and give me some variety between sitting and working my legs, as well as the option to do elliptical training.

I started feeling productive and proactive in regaining some strength and endurance, and it has also helped other members of my family to want to work out with this machine as well, simply by having it in our home. That is a great bonus!

Elliptical and Exercise Bike in one machine.

Tension adjusts easily with the turn of a knob; offers minimal impact on joints

I LIKE this for a variety of reasons:

  1. It provides two options, the exercise bike portion as well as elliptical;
  2. A knob make you can adjust the intensity of the resistance in the wheel portion, which can go from “Aw, so easy!” to “Oh, ow, my legs!” it can be very intense.
  3. The monitor attached can be interesting at times, to keep progress of time, calories, speed, etc.;
  4. It helps with all over body working, as your arms have to keep up with the longer handlebars when going elliptical.
  5. I like the smaller stationary bars for when I am sitting, or when I don’t want to use the longer handlebars;
  6. It has the adjustable seat height, which is helpful for different members of the family;
  7. It is quite smooth for the sitting/bike portion.
  8. It can surely get your heart rate going, depending on your desired intensity level;
  9. If you are working out to lose weight, I would highly suggest you work out your legs and build/tone your muscles in them especially first.
  10. I would also recommend at least toning and working up to an all-body exercise program as well.

I feel this machine would be a great machine to start with, and you can watch tv or listen to music while doing it! Most importantly, pace yourself and don’t give up on yourself. Even if you stay on this for 2 minutes at a time throughout the day, it’s still something.

You will find elliptical trainers in different gyms and homes today. They deliver a great cardiovascular workout and significantly improves muscular strength and overall vitality.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

elliptical machine schwinThis elliptical rider allows users to perform upper and lower body workouts with “zero” impact. There are many models, with different specific workout programs. You may choose your desired workout resistance level by adjusting the friction belt tension control knob.


22 programs, 2 user settings and goal tracking are all there to keep you motivated and challenged

20 levels of resistance aligned with a high speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel make every workout smooth and quiet.

You can enter user data with age, height, and gender, to get better and more accurate results. Combined with sensors that let you see your heart rate, you can see what sort of activity you are doing (cardiovascular, fat burning, etc.), It had hills and such, alternating difficulties in a smooth pattern, while some other workouts were even more challenging. The incline can also be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the overall difficulty.

So why did I buy Schwinn 430 Elliptical?

I am out of shape and while my intent is to work out we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I did not want to be out $1200 and have guilty party staring at me day in and day out. I have been working out for 3 weeks and I can tell you that I am finally at a point where my endurance and stamina are building and it feels good.

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is a beast of a machine! At a shipping weight of 226 pounds, your workout will begin with simply getting it into the house.

There’s room to program two persons into the saved settings, which will keep track of your personal settings and log your workouts.

Should you buy Schwinn 430 Elliptical machine?

That depends:

You need to make sure that you vary your routine in it. For example try upping your levels, doing intervals, etc. Exercise, if done by force easily become chore. Most people can’t just jump on it and go for 15 or 20 min.

For me, I had to build up to my time. At first, going even 3 or 4 minutes was extremely hard, but once I was using it regularly, it was easy and I felt like I had really gotten a good workout out of it.

I would highly recommend this elliptical to anyone who is on a budget, wants to get a no impact aerobic work out. Clearly you wouldn’t be looking at this model of elliptical if you were willing to shell out 300+ dollars for a machine, so for the price it is a great little machine.

I LIKE this for a variety of reasons:

The machine is sturdy and operates very smoothly.

  1. For its cost, I consider it an excellent value. A piece of equipment is made out of well constructed steel.
  2. I found all parts and fittings to be of very good quality, going together well.
  3. The problem with elliptical is that even if you go at a maximum speed with resistance, it doesn’t even come close to getting your heart rate up like pure running a a tough pace does. That is why you don’t feel much exertion b/c you’re used to running.
  4. Overall, the elliptical is fine but to really reach the next level (tap into fat stores), along with diet, running can’t be beat.
  5. The smooth movement that is easy on your knees combined with so many extra features make this an excellent workout tool, with the quality you would expect from a quality gym!
  6. As a beginner, you should be able to do 15 to 20 minutes at the more moderate settings without breaking much of a sweat.
  7. After just a few sessions using the elliptical trainer, you’ll have the confidence and motivation to start increasing the intensity of your workout.
  8. Elliptical trainer workouts combine the full, natural stride of a treadmill with the simple ease-of-use of a stair climber.
  9. Treadmills seem simple, but can be tricky if you don’t pace yourself just right.
  10. The elliptical is a cross between a treadmill and a cross country ski machine, but instead of your feet sliding back and forth, the pedals will move in an oval or elliptical pattern.

There are a lot of cheap elliptical out there that are crap and you can feel the difference right away when you get on it. I would recommend looking for a lower end commercial machine, like Schwinn 430 Elliptical.

The elliptical trainer is awesome and it burns more calories than a treadmill. I’m not sure about the “Is the more expensive one better” but as long as your getting the same movement I wouldn’t see a difference. I think the elliptical trainer would be a smart move.

So whichever you choose you are making excellent choice at an amazing price from Amazon below.