Exercise Mat Comfort, Ease of Use

Best Exercise Mats for Home Fitness: Yoga Mats Review

yoga matWanting to buy a yoga mat, BUT there are so many different types, prices and sizes? So you are wondering if you should know basic information when you’re am buying an exercise mat.

A standard fitness mat is 1/8 inch thick. That is what most people use for their workouts at home or gym. I prefer one that is a little thicker 1/4 inch because I like the added cushioning and it feels better on my back.

What Distinguishes Quality From Average or Bad Yoga Mat

It’s really about personal preference but my favorite mats are “tapas ultra” by “hugger mugger.” Some people think mine is “too squishy” though.

Yoga, you’ll want a mat that is better at absorbing sweat. If she’s into environmental stuff there are more environmentally friendly mats.

Doing yoga 12 to 15 hours a week, I used to wear out 2 to 3 generic yoga mats a year. If you want to invest in a quality yoga mat you don’t have to break the bank. Thickness, structure, material, stickiness and price are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when looking for a yoga mat.

What Thickness Is Best For a Yoga Mat?

Frequent dilemma about exercise mat is whether you should get a mat 1/4″ thick or 1/8″ thick. Definitely 1/4″ exercise mat provides more support but 1/8″ keeps you steadier.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a yoga mat.

  1. Material – do you prefer natural fibers vs. synthetic?
  2. Purpose – are you using it 5 times a week, what kind of exercise you’re doing, and your weight?

What Structure Is Best For a Yoga Mat?

What thickness do you need, is mostly personal preference. Thick mats can be great, but more so if you have an injury and you need extra cushioning for your joints.

The flip side of more cushioning is less stability, so it can be hard to hold some poses. If you plan to use your mat frequently go for quality for something that will last and look at it as an investment. I would recommend going for 3 mm thickness if you aren’t injured.

If you are just starting to get into yoga or home exercise, go for a basic mat that you can carry to classes easily with a moderate price point. Thickness and material of yoga mat are all things to consider and in the end it ends up being a lot of personal preference for what you need as well as like.

Exercise Mat: Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

The main purpose of a mat is to stop your feet and/or hands from slipping when in poses where you push against floor with hands and/or feet. Thus, the optimal mat length is one long enough for a pose that puts your hands and feet at the greatest distance from each other.

To determine placement of your hands and feet when you do Downward Dog, start in your best version of Upward Dog. Arms should be as vertical as you can make them.

The tops of your feet are down against the floor, pointing straight backwards.

How to Find a Right Size Yoga Mat?

At 71 inches long and 24 inches wide, the yoga mat offers a padded exercise surface ideal for many body types. Its size means the mat can support you in a variety of movements and poses.

I tend to have very sweaty feet and it gets slippery. The traction on this mat helps keep me in place with my poses. It also has a textured underside that keeps the mat in place on the floor. No slippy surface here.

And there’s ample surface area to keep your back, knees, elbows, and hips cushioned during your exercise sessions.

Everlast Folding Mat with a Padded Exercise Surface

This Yoga mat is the thickest yoga mat on the market. It gives you a padded exercise surface that offers support through a number of movements and poses. Its large shape fits a variety of body types, and its non-slip surface keeps the mat and your feet in place. The mat rolls up tightly and comes with carrying straps, so it’s easy to take with you. A moisture-resistant surface means you can clean the mat using soap and water.

I’m impressed with the quality of this mat, it looks like a lot of work has gone into the research and development. I didn’t have to clean any residue off the surface like a lot of other mats I’ve seen, just unrolled it and went to work.

I did have to wash it after a few intense sweaty sessions and it was very easy to do so. This looks to last a very long time without wearing down.

Lovely color and feels great, very well worth the price.

SPRI Bi-Fold Exercise Mat for Pilates and Yoga

It is very thin on the ground so you can feel each position well and still has the comfort level there too. The top material has enough cushioning for support but still firm enough for a solid base.

This mat is quite nice for practicing both Pilates and my yoga exercises. It’s a great feature to have moisture protection as I have seen some cheaper mats get soggy from all the sweat it locked in.

I was actually surprised at how heavy it is but it is rubber so I suppose that is to be expected. The weight is not a negative to me – just surprising. I like the density of this mat. It’s thin but has an excellent cushioning effect. The carrying strap is 1.5″ wide which makes it very comfortable on my shoulder. It closes with Velcro for easy off, easy on.

I have to say this is such a lovely mat. Firm grip and soft touch, this mat feels wonderful underfoot and very secure to the surface. We love the color and it came with a nice carry strap too, well, this is now replacing my previous yoga mat.

SPRI Folding Exercise Mats

Spri Yoga mat is great padding but thin enough when folded that you can store it in a tight space. Mat has handles on the side for easy carrying, so useful when doing Pilates and yoga outdoors if you need the extra room.

Fitness mat is FIRM enough to support back when you’re doing leg lifts etc. Having just ONE fold gives it a consistent smooth surface.

The material seems tough and doesn’t have a “rubbery” smell or feel to it. Carrying handles are convenient and it stores easily.

How to Make a Yoga Mat Stickier?

Many yoga mats have that slippery coating but eventually wear out from frequent use and frequent washing. Make sure that you don’t use moisturizing shampoo, otherwise will get more slippery. Use any soap or detergent that doesn’t have conditioners or moisturizers in them in order to strip that coating dry.

But don’t worry, that mat will eventually have a good grip. In the meantime, you can either place a towel on top of your mat. You might have to wash it more than once (make sure you don’t soak the mat too long, otherwise it’ll take longer to dry).

If you are tall, plus size, tall or wide in the upper torso and if you also have knee issues, back issues then this mat is for you! I had problems with yoga mats because there was no cushion for my upper body. Sit-ups and push-ups were painful but when I saw this mat, I was like okay, I’ll try it. I was so happy when it arrived!

Exercise Mat Comfort, Ease of Use and build Quality

I use a mat on a hardwood floor and it offers ample cushioning. It folds in half and storage is no problem.  This is a thick and comfortable mat. It’s actually rather large and in my trunk it takes up a good space.

It’s just enough width to lay on it flat. I like that it folds for storage and has a handle, although I would prefer it to fold the other way so the main part that you lay on goes inside.

The foam is nice and dense, yet also soft enough to be completely comfortable when doing exercises that require putting all your weight on your knee or hip bones.

The mat is very well constructed. It has that premium look and feel. It is firm but much more welcoming and comfortable than thick carpet or flooring. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to be rubbing and rolling their body on the floor.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat?

It does look pretty easy to clean. It is very light and easy to carry. Because it folds in half, it may not be as portable as a tri-fold mat.

To clean minor stains or freshen your mat, mix four drops of dish soap into two cups of water. Spray the mat with the solution and wipe clean with a cloth or sponge. For a heavier soiling, soak the mat in a solution of warm water and a few drops of soap. Wash the mat in soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Drying Yoga Mat

Before letting your mat air dry, lay a towel on it and roll it jelly-roll style. Step on the mat to squeeze out excess water. Do not put the mat into a dryer.

For general cleaning, you can put your mat into the washing machine with a detergent for delicate and run it on a light or gentle cycle. Use only cold water to avoid damaging the mat.

Yoga mats should be cleaned once every two months, depending on how often the mat is used.

As you could see both yoga mats fitted my expectation for looks, function durability and performed as quality products. Working out on this mat has proved it’s worth! So it’s up to you to decide which one fit your needs. I warmly recommend both. And you can get it from Amazon at an astonishing price.