Triceps Dips

Best Pull-Up Bars Review: Doorway Trainer vs Standalone Power Tower

Pull-ups, for me they are pretty cool. The people who can do a bunch of pull-ups usually have that nice figure and muscle definition. The pull-up is one of the best compound exercises you can do. Yet to do reap benefits you should learn workout technique and get gear. Compound workout means working out multiple muscle groups at once.

Triceps Dips

Pull Up Exercise: Hang from The Bar – Image 1.

Let’s straight common exercise terms. The pull-up works almost all upper body muscles: your biceps, triceps, back. I see it as an optimal upper body workout.

Pull-ups / chin-ups

Pull-ups / chin-ups are probably the single best full body workout you can do. And you need just pull up bar and firm hanging spot to start exercising. Tight space is no problem, your doorway frame could fit if nothing else is available. That one motion engages almost every muscle in your upper body.

Body-weight exercises are named after the fact that your own body provides the resistance need to train muscles. Yet there are many different routines which reap the benefits your body weight for muscle build up. Pull Ups – Your body position is straight and palm width of grip is a bit wider than shoulder width.

The palms are facing away from you.

Chin Ups

Chin Ups – The palms of your hands are facing toward you holding the weight of your body. The most common width of grip is about shoulder width. So people also call it reverse grip pull ups. Chin-ups work the biceps and middle area of the back, while pull-ups work more of the back muscles.

And I see most people find chin ups easier than pull-ups, so you can try and start with which appears easier for you. When exercising chin ups, your biceps are in line with the movement of the body.

Follow closely the routine, and if looking for an excellent bar you can pick from the two I recommend below.

A. Getting Started with pull ups: Feet on the floor

You Want More Load- Pull Up Bar Delivers

You Want More Load- Pull Up Bar Delivers Image 2.

Grasp the bar in an overhand grip (hands facing away, as shown on image 1). Your hands should be equally wide apart; definitely wider by at least a 10 cm of your shoulders span. Try first 10 cm, then 20 cm width and see how it feels. You have to find that right position: not too wide, not too narrow. I’d call it the gold zone.

Hang from the bar with arms slightly bent, breath in and pull yourself up to the bar. See, it’s easy. Now, next step.

B. Inverted Rows

It’s a bit eases then previous. You are leaning from the floor and feet will be in front of the bar. Keep trying to pull the bar as tight as you can to the chest, for a few seconds hold, and then lower your body down under control.

You can even regulate the difficulty of the exercise by how far your feet are out in front of you .

Bear in mind that you do not sag while doing Inverted Rows. Inverted Rows exercise should be accomplished with a nice-looking straight line from ear – shoulder – hips – knees – ankles. You don’t have to fall or arch.

Pull Up Exercise: Hang from The Bar

This exercise stretches your arm and shoulder muscles (Image 5) and it will help your with grip strength. See how long you can hang and then see if you can hang longer. I think it is probably better to hang with a slight bend at the elbow.

If you were unable to hold onto the bar, it may be the primary reason of pull up failure. You can work directly on grip strength several ways.The most common are seated wrist curls.

Pull Up Bar Workouts?

The pull-up bar will let you work your back (pull-ups, chin-ups), abs (leg raises while suspended), forearms (hang there for a 1 minute sets) and a bit the biceps.

Pull Up Exercise: Hang from The Bar

Pull Up Exercise: Hang from The Bar

Add push-ups for triceps chest and shoulders.

Add squats for legs.

As you can see with just a simple pull up exercise you can build up several muscle groups.You will get a decent workout and lots of strength and endurance.

You Want More Load- Pull Up Bar Delivers

Do one legged squats. Raise your legs on a chair when you do push-ups. Do one arm chin-ups.

Weights are nice and helpful but not really needed. You can do without them.

Pull-ups / chin-ups, could be combined with some leg raises while hanging from the bar to target the abs, push-ups, dumbbell bench press.

Work directly on grip strength several ways.

Work directly on grip strength several ways.

Just mix and match, and switch it up every month or so to get something new in. Dumbbell squats or lunges are just a few of many workouts you can do to build a full body plan.

Simple Pull-Up workout routine

There are plenty of exercises you can do using just your body weight. Just alternate the exercises with a few cardio drills (like jumping jacks), and you can put together a good workout!

One of the best ways is to work out Pull-Up is to do only the inverse fragment of the exercise: get up on a chair and raise yourself to the top as if you had pulled yourself up, then get off the chair and lower yourself as slowly as you possibly can.

Here is a routine for pull up exercise I recommend:

Pull-ups – 3 sets of 10-20 reps

Crunches – 3 sets of 10-20 reps

Jumping Jacks – 20

(Repeat circuit 2-3 times)

work your back (pull-ups, chin-ups), abs (leg raises while suspended), forearms

Work your back (pull-ups, chin-ups), abs (leg raises while suspended), forearms

Triceps Dips – 3 sets of 10-20

Hanging Leg Raises – 3 sets of 10-20

Jog in Place – 1 Minute

(Repeat circuit 2-3 times)

Pushups – 3 sets of 10-20

Squats – 3 sets of 10-20

Jumping Jacks – 20

(Repeat circuit 2-3 times)

Put together tours of different muscle group exercises, so you are working one muscle while you are resting the other. Do strength exercises every day with different muscle groups: arms and abs one day, legs and back one day, and so on.

Good Workout Routine For Losing Weight With A Pull Up Bar Only?

exercise stretches your arm and shoulder muscles

Exercise stretches your arm and shoulder muscles

5 sets of 20 push-ups

  1. Wide grip push-ups
  2. Normal push-ups elbows out
  3. Military push-ups, shoulder width elbows hugging rib-cage
  4. Diamond push-ups
  5. Wide grip push-ups

Now let’s choose the proper equipment for pull up exercise.

Pull Up / Chin Up Bar

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and it has been the answer to my dilemma of where can I put a pull-up bar?

This is perhaps the most solid pull up bar that I have ever used. I went through several doorway chin-up bars. Construction is top quality from an American company, It just looks really cool. Very sturdy. You don’t need many tools to put it up.

Gorilla Gym Fitness Pull Up Bar

Perfect for upper body and core workouts. Gorilla Gym is the premium pull-up bar which is designed to strong and safe enough to support a swinging motorcycle and rider

More stable and sturdy pull-up bar, more hand positions, wider range of motion, spaced away from doorway, ab straps for core workout

With the Pull-up Extender you get a real gym experience. You are spaced away from the door and have more freedom to perform a wider range of exercises.

Variety of Motion Allows For Different Exercises

This bar is secured to your door frame, so you can do different exercises in addition to up and down pull-ups. You can add motion in your workout. The range of exercises you can perform are almost limitless, and popular are:

This bar is excellent addition to my home workout gear. I was able to get it into my doorway and start exercising immediately. Exercises on a bar allow you to use your own weight to build up muscle. I use this daily to maintain upper body strength. I try to keep my workouts low-impact for my knees and it really helps to use the abs straps.

It’s so Playful That Children Love It

My 10 years daughter loves it, and can even sitting on and swinging on the bottom rung of the ladder. She does flips, climbs the ladder, and climbs up the rope. It’s the first thing she runs to when she wakes up in the morning, and the thing we tell her to get off of to go to sleep at night!

It is a little bulky, and you need to have a little space for it, but we put it in the doorway of our playroom and put a couple pillows underneath in case she falls. It also has to be installed in doorway, and not in a large entrance or it will not be stable.

It’s made of a solid piece of equipment, not some light weight plastic or hollow aluminum, you see around.  Yet the pull up bar is manageable enough so you can remove and install it easily at any time.

Great design for doing pull-ups, for a punching bag, or other kid toys… I highly recommend this for anybody who wants to seriously get in shape and wants serious equipment!