Swiss Ball for Fitness

Fitness Ball Review: Exercise / Yoga / Stability Ball With Heavy Duty Gym Quality

Swiss Ball for FitnessExercise ball helps you improve your balance and coordination, it’s also an excellent substitute for a bench in exercises like the chest press and the pullover, as long as your goal is to build coordination and stability rather than raw power and strength.

Stability ball exercise is effective in toning up those problem areas.  Cardio exercise is a must to tone down abs, running, and biking is great for those gluts thighs and lower half, and combine that with stability ball workouts and you could have a very well-toned body in time.

You can do so many exercises on a stability ball. Crunches on the ball are more difficult than doing crunches on a mat. When you do weight lifting sitting on the ball, you engage your core muscles for stability, so they get a workout.

The ball is also excellent for resistance workouts. But it would be a good way to round out your workout plan, use the treadmill for your cardio and use the ball for your strength training.

Fitness 600 lb Exercise / Yoga / Stability Ball

Fitness Balls are durable enough to withstand diverse training applications in any gym or home environment. Fitness Balls are available in 45, 55, 65 and 75cm. Suggested Heights: 45cm = 5 feet and under / 55cm = 5 – 5.7 feet / 65cm = 5.8 – 6.3 feet / 75cm = over 6.3 feet

Do you enjoy floor aerobics?
If you do, try doing just ten minutes of aerobic exercise (not on a machine, but on the floor, like hamstring curls, knee lifts, etc.)  with a stability ball in your hands.

I always cue my class participants by saying, pretend you have a pin on your knee, and every time your knee lifts, you bring the ball down and try to burst it.

1-2 Weeks Exercise Program with Stability Ball

The inflation should be to the point where the ball is pretty much as full as can be – but still gives if you put weight on it. As the benefits of these lightweight, and relatively inexpensive tools became more widely known, their use crossed over into the fitness arena, where they quickly became popular for core conditioning and full-body training.

Specialized stability balls are now available for every exercise level — for beginners and mid-level participants in semi-controlled environments, all the way up to the most advanced exercisers.

stability swiss ball



Use Stability Ball for:

Cardio exercise:

Elevate the heart rate and burn calories by holding, rolling, tossing, catching, and/or bouncing it with your entire body in motion.

Strength Exercises:

Move on it in a dynamic manner with body weight, light free weight, pulley weight, or rubber resistance workout tools. Can also be used as a less-stable bench to perform traditional light dumbbell and barbell exercises.

Flexibility Exercises:

abs exercise with stability ballMove on it in a static or assertive manner to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Available in 45, 55, 65 and 75cm. I found is that it is tightening my stomach muscles because I am balancing myself on it, which in turn, strengthens the back muscles.

The “slow deflate” feature is key here but it should be noted that a tear (vs. a puncture) can still cause any of these balls to quick deflate. It costs a little more than some others but having confidence in the ball and knowing it’s going to fit me right makes this an easy decision.

Ball Quality

It feels sturdy and is of high quality balance ball. I like the brand – it’s what they use in my gym, and it seems well made. I purchased the very large silver one, and it is very large when filled like it’s supposed to be, so exactly what I expected. Some of these balance balls say “large” but they’re actually medium sized, even when completely full. This silver one is truly very large, as described.

This is exactly the ball I was looking for. It is heavy duty. My old ball (different make) increased in size over time and was bit of loose when I used it. I use it all the time – to sit on, do squats with, stretch over, do sit-ups with, and just about anything else you do with these thing!

Exercise routine recommended with stability ball:

  1. Rotating crunches done by putting your feet on the ground and resting your lower back\upper gluts on the ball and then bringing one elbow to the opposite knee and then the other elbow to the other knee.
  2. Jack knives (killer) done by laying flat on the ground and holding the ball between your ankles, then bringing the legs (held out straight) up to vertical and passing the ball to your hands and then bringing both hands and legs back to a horizontal position. Repeat and pass back to your ankles for 1 repetition.
  3. Roll outs done by interlacing your fingers into a large first (like volleyball players do when they are “bumping”) and placing this fist on the ball while you are on your knees.
  4. Roll the ball away and roll your arms onto your forearms and then finally your elbows while your knees stay stationary and your upper torso\hips roll forward. Roll then ball back using your core stability and you have completed 1 rep.
  5. Scissors done by having the ball in the same starting position as jack knives and bringing your legs straight up into a vertical position.
  6. Roll your hips and legs to one side while keeping your arms straight out from your sides and your back flat on the ground. Touch one ankle to whichever side you rolled to and then roll in the opposite direction to touch the other ankle.

Superior Fitness 600 lb Exercise / Yoga / Stability Ball

Superior Fitness balls are exceptionally durable exercise balls designed for gym, office and home use. Each pro series ball is designed to hold 2000 lbs of static weight and is Anti-burst resistance up to 1000 lbs of static weight.

Superior Fitness balls can improve your core strength, balance and overall agility. Each exercise ball is designed with dense walls for the ultimate support and durability for any use.

Size options: 45cm (5′ and under) 55 cm (5′ to 5′ 6″ tall) 65 cm (5’6″ to 6′ tall) and 75 cm (6′ to 6 5″) and 85cm (6′ 5″ or taller).



I bought this to sit on at my desk at home. It’s great. My back doesn’t hurt from sitting in it a long time and it’s fun to sit on because I can shift around. I’m around 5′ and it’s a good height for me to sit on. It took a while to pump up but then again it’s a pretty big ball.

For someone who does not like to exercise, like myself, this ball has given me a whole new attitude. Now that I have this exercise ball I actually enjoy doing my exercises.

Upon opening the package, there wasn’t any weird odor lingering around the ball.

Cardio Exercise with Stability Ball

Cardio Exercise with Stability BallYou can purchase a ball for $15-30 and see way more results than you would with other $100+ pieces of equipment. Besides that you can work every muscle group with the ball and don’t need to buy separate things for legs, arms and abs. Verify your progress with a heart rate monitor. A lot of things that seem like they’d be good cardio.

Stability Ball for Weight loss

You would burn more calories sitting on a stability ball than on a normal chair since your core would be working. Not a significant amount though.

As an indication you would burn roughly 60 calories an hour lying still. 90 calories an hour sitting, standing, reading, eating. You burn about 180 calories an hour walking at 5km/h or 3 mph (a gentle walk).

So assuming you burn the same calories as sitting normally you would burn 630 calories in 7 hours sitting on a ball.

It’s very good even to sit on a stability ball as opposed to a normal chair. 7 hours a day will give you a fantastically strong core. This will help you so much in a normal day. Your posture will improve which give an instant illusion of weight loss.  It will also be a great investment for one day when you’re older.

Best Exercise Routines with Exercise Ball

  1. Stability balls are very effective in firming and toning. Your improved posture will make you look much leaner very quickly.
  2. Stability balls are great alternatives to weight benches, in that they challenge stabilizing muscles that assist with balance and stability in any given space. Many people don’t know that you can also do cardio with a stability ball.
  3. You would burn more calories sitting on a stability ball than on a normal chair since your core would be working.

There are lot of abdominal exercises you can do with a stability ball and they are really efficient. Since you have to keep your body stable the core muscles should work harder. For energy consumption, it is better to sit on a stability ball as opposed to a normal chair. 7 hours a day will give you a fantastically strong core.

It will really help tone your body and increase your balance. Just about every exercise you do on the ball also works your core muscles.