Exercise Weights Review: Benefits of Kettlebell To The Dumbbell?

Fitness-019 Decided to start free weights training? As a rule, you’ll want to work with a lighter set and a heavier set of dumbbells during your workouts. Heavy weights will help build muscle mass, while lighter will, workout your joints and tendons.

Start with a light weight that doesn’t feel too heavy. Something you can do 5 sets of 12 with easily. Then once you get used to the movement you can increase the weight slowly over time.

I’ve compared two popular free weights: Dumbbell and Kettle bell. You can’t go wrong with either, but you need to know which accommodates you well. Get the lowest price from Amazon below!

The best weight to start with for a man is 16Kg, women around 12Kg or less depending on your level of fitness. Although it looks like small weights, don’t be fooled; these will smoke you out.

How To Strengthen Your Muscle With Barbell Fitness Kettle bell?

These also allow you to do more complex techniques like the snatch until you perfect the technique. Start light then go up some weights, if you start heavy al you will able to do is the swing.

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell

  • This small Dumbbell comes in size from 1 – 15 pounds. Entire unit is covered in dense neoprene foam. Covering on handle portion provides firm grip even with sweaty hands. The dense neoprene foam provides a better feel than smooth vinyl coverings, some can feel slippery, and some can feel goop).
  • A major concern is whether the covering will peel over time. Neoprene is a chemically-resistant material that doesn’t get brittle with age.
  • For the price though, these weights have great value. Similar weights cost 2-3X or more. Check the prices carefully when you select the weight size.Lighter is not always cheaper. Not sure whether it depends on available inventory.
  • The lighter weights can get tossed in gym bags and get carted around; they can get lost, and it’s good to be able to replace only one unit, if that’s what you need.
  • I have been attending physical therapy sessions. The weights there have the smooth vinyl coating. The neoprene foam coating on the CAP units have a much better feel and afford a better grip for sure.

I have been using the 2 – 5 pound weights daily for about a year now. I tried both, vinyl coating and neoprene, and for me at least, neoprene was the way to go. I like that it gives you a solid grip, even when your hands are sweaty, and I wasn’t sure that would be true of the vinyl finish

As well, the price was far better than many brands, both on Amazon and in local stores. They cost less than half of comparable weights elsewhere.

CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebell

I’m trying to tone up and strengthen my core, and a kettlebell is a good choice. A good kettlebell handle needs to work two ways, and this one does. First it needs to be wide, to you can get a good double grip, fist by fist, when you swing it between your legs with both hands.

Second the handle needs to be small enough so your hands can wrap around it to grip it.

A good kettlebell needs to be well balanced, so if you do a clean and jerk move, and push it with one hand over your head, you have a GOOD GRIP. In fact, a good grip is what you WANT more than anything.

This is well balanced, and has a good grip. It wont rust, with this type of finish. Since you are swirling the bell thru your palms, it needs to be SMOOTH, and NO IRON pieces sticking out.

  1. This Kettlebell is smooth. (tho the finish has texture, so its not slippery.) If I were just using this to curl, like a dumbbell, I wouldn’t worry about a good finish. But you really move these things around your body, especially if you get into Turkish pick ups, and other complicated moves.
  2. If you know your body, and how heavy you used to lift, a guy my size should get at least a 35 pound kettle bell. I haven’t noticed any back problems so far. Its a new movement for my body, and you know when you train, how well the body loves, well, hates those new movements.
  3. I would suggest for a guy who’s maybe 175 pounds, or who hasn’t ever trained his body with free weights, to NOT buy the 35 pound kettlebell, but go a bit lighter. Maybe 20% of bodyweight , as long as you’re not carrying around a lot of fat.
  4. As I have been increasing the weight in my kettlebell workouts, I have tried several different style kettlebells (plastic coated ones, all plastic ones, contoured shaped bells with plastic coating) and I think this style has been the best style/value.
  5. Kettlebells are great for strength building but also incorporates cardio and some flexibility training as well. They provide a movement based workout aimed to better stimulate stabilizer muscles and act as a full-body conditioner.
  6. Although it looks like small weights, don’t be fooled; these will smoke you out. These also allow you to do more complex techniques like the snatch until you perfect the technique.
CAP Kettlebell: Things I like. CAP Kettlebell: Things I don’t like

The finish is really beautiful up close; it’s speckled black and silver.
This one has a large enough handle to easily transfer and use both hands, my hands are on the smaller side but I have had problems with other bells.

My one complaint is that the two that I ordered had some sharp pieces attached to them. It seemed like loose metal shards that had been fused to the surface.

Kettlebells are better than regular dumbbells for some exercises. When doing movement exercises they are much better, when doing regular presses or curls you can stick with the dumb bells. Not so many, but Kettlebells are better than regular dumb bells for some exercises.