Prevent Muscle Loss

How to Prevent Muscle Loss When Not Working Out and Losing Weight?

The golden rule of weight loss is: it’s supposed to be solely on account of the ballast masses-adipose tissue, which means that we need to preserve muscles as much as possible. In most cases, weight loss and building muscle mass do not go along with each other, even on the contrary, it is very easy to lose the muscles during programmed weight loss.

How to keep muscle mass while cutting calories?

When we want to create good conditions for weight loss, it will be the poor conditions for building muscle. Programmed calorie deficit mean, we eat fewer calories than we spend.

In the first 24 hours of fasting you lose glycogen reserves in the muscle and liver. If you are a complete beginner, or if you have not yet started again to exercise after a longer pause, be sure that you will not build muscle mass during weight loss. You need to preserve muscle while on the other hand you want to burn the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Take a diet rich in protein

How to do Highly-intensive interval training at home or Gym? Try this:
» Do a round of at least 3 complex exercises that will activate the different groups of muscles. The exercises are performed in a smaller number of repetitions (3-6) or something larger (8-15).
» Use the stopwatch, and then specify the time interval at which you are going to run circles; most often it is 3, 6, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
» In the given time interval try to make the most of the repetitions of certain exercises.

Whatever diet you choose it is important that protein intake is larger if you want to preserve muscle mass. It is important that the body continually has access to protein. The body cells as well as muscle cells undergo process of autophagy or auto regeneration, during which the same body protein is being reused for building new tissue. You are aiming to use protein as building block in opposed to using it as energy source.

Choosing the best home treadmill isn’t easy. Choose on type of workouts you plan to use the treadmill for. Runners will want to invest in a durable machine with a powerful motor , while walkers will be able to get by on less. Space is a factor as well.

Research has shown that when you exercise and take diet rich in protein, the body will have a tendency to burn fatty tissue, and in doing so will preserve muscle mass.

Focus on the quality and speed of exercise rather than quantity. If your repetitions start to slow down, terminate the set. Warm up with this simple pull-up routine.

Do not consume large amounts of carbs during weight loss

A big mistake can be a sudden and significant reduction in calorie intake, combined with exercise. It can result in a larger loss of lean muscle mass than it is necessary. The process of weight loss, begins gradually and increases with regular aerobic exercise.

The volume of training is the total amount of work or heat dissipated in training. For a time it is desirable to reduce the intensity of the training. Reduce the number of series or number of exercises in training, reduce the number of intervals or even reduce the number of total trainings per week.

Smarter ways to do cardio. Your cardio training should be approached with the same details as a well-balanced weight training program. Check out these 7 ways to get the most out of your cardio training.

Losing muscle mass: keep the intensity of the exercise?

For the maintenance of muscle mass, it is necessary to work out less than when your goal is building new muscle. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the total work in training so you still get sufficient stimulus for its maintenance.

The total quantity of exercising should be reduced, but it is very important to keep the intensity of the exercise. Muscles must undergo the same intensity, the work out stimuli to which they are used to. So, try to practice with the same weights or at the same pace as before.

Training heavy will never go out of style, but when it comes to arms weight bench is ultimate choice. Any good routine should include heavy and lighter work to target more total muscle fibers.

Be careful with cardio activities

Cardio activities can be a good tool for weight loss, but also, you can go too far with such activities during the restriction diet, so that can be disastrous for muscles.

Cardio activities should be carefully planned. You should gradually add intensity to training with regard to the other factors: the quantity of other training and the amount of calories that you take.