Pyramid Method: Try Out the Most Popular Method of Training in The Gym

If you work out in the gym for a while, you know how training with weights does not mean only mere and randomly raising weights without a plan and order. The number of repetitions, the series and the variety of methods that we use in the exercises with weights can significantly affect the results and we have to adapt them to our goals.

Chest and triceps work-out. Finding it difficult to figure out a good type of work out schedule for yourself? Start with chest and triceps. A normal schedule would appear like this:
»Warm up on treadmill or any cardio machine for about 15 minutes
» Followed by lower ab workouts (at least 3-5 workouts)
» Flat Bench Press (3 x 10-12)
» Seated 1-arm Dumbbell Extensions (3 x 10 with both arms)
» Incline Bench Press (3 x 10)
» Lying Barbell Extensions (3 x 10-12)
» Decline Bench Press (3 x 10)
» Seated 2-arm Dumbbell Extensions (3 x 10)
» Warm down on treadmill or any cardio machine for 15-20 minutes.

Training with weights: series and the variety of methods

If you want to increase and strengthen your muscles, you must be sure to try some of the known methods that will again stress your muscles and stimulate their development.

Method of pyramid repetition is one of the oldest method used in the gym, since the very beginning, and proved to be as one of the most effective technique that can be used but also beginners. Pyramid method is very simple and can be applied to almost any exercise.

Pyramid method with any exercise you like

The method is performed so that we are starting the exercise with a larger number of reps and a lighter load.  So for each of the following workout series we reduce the number of repetitions, and increase the load.

Ball allows you to combine strength and cardio training into one explosive workout. So you lift it above your head and slam it to the ground. Engage your upper and lower body with a variety of different motions.

This approach will in a number of ways activate the muscles and grow tired, which benefits muscle growth and development of strength.

Focus on the quality and speed of exercise rather than quantity. If your repetitions start to slow down, terminate the set. Warm up with this simple pull-up routine.

Pyramid method with bench press

Here’s what it looks like, for example on the bench press exercise:

  1. series: 12 reps, 60 kg
  2. series: 10 reps, 65 kg
  3. series: 8 reps, 70 kg
  4. series: 5 reps, 75-80 kg

How to adjust workout load in Pyramid method?

You should adjust load gradually, but keep in mind that on the last series, you choose the weight that you will barely be able to make the minimum number of repetitions.

It's fairly easy to get the hang of Cross-Trainers, so you feel comfortable right away. It's less stressful on the knee joints than weight-bearing equipment. The calorie expenditures for two popular machines.

You can feel free to add a few more series, and so begin the exercise with 15 reps or end up with a series of 1-3 reps, it’s important just to keep the pyramid method.

Inverted pyramid is reverse of the classical pyramid method

As the name implies, this method does the reverse of the classical pyramid method. After you have worked for a while pyramid repetitions, change the order of the exercises and again shock/stress the muscles.

Training heavy will never go out of style, but when it comes to arms weight bench is ultimate choice. Any good routine should include heavy and lighter work to target more total muscle fibers.

So, start with a series of exercises with a small number of repetitions and the heavy load, and then for each next series increase the number of reps and reduce the load.

In the above example, you start the exercise with a 4. series, and finish that with the most repetitions and the lightest load.