Pyramid Sets Vs Straight Sets: The Structure of Your Weight Training

Regular workout series after a few months lose on its effectiveness because the constant use of the same weight of your body does not receive adequate stimulation. If you do not change workout routine, you will not grow. Try the pyramid method.

How to do Highly-intensive interval training at home or Gym? Try this:
» Do a round of at least 3 complex exercises that will activate the different groups of muscles. The exercises are performed in a smaller number of repetitions (3-6) or something larger (8-15).
» Use the stopwatch, and then specify the time interval at which you are going to run circles; most often it is 3, 6, 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
» In the given time interval try to make the most of the repetitions of certain exercises.

Pyramid sets weight training

If you are using the same mode of training for several months, I mean the straight series and the same weight, then it is definitely time to change the structure of your training. you have to push your body to the limit and always prepare it for crossing the limits. The perfect solution for crossing the limits is the pyramid lifting series.

I do all my weight lifting sets in pyramids of: first set is 10 reps, second set is 8 reps, third is 6 reps, and fourth is to failure.

Pyramid workout routine

Basically, what you will do in the pyramid series is that you start with the first series in which you use to do something lighter weight and then you just continue with a greater number of repetitions. For example, you will perform a series of 15 reps with kettlebell using weights of 10 pounds.

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After you finish this series and get proper rest, you switch to the other where you are using more weight, but this time with a slightly smaller number of repetitions.

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The following series also means an even greater weight, but also a smaller number of repetitions so that in essence you build a pyramid in relation to derived the number of repetitions.

Pyramid workout in relation to derived number of repetitions

As you progress towards the top of the pyramid, you will use all the larger and larger weight limit, however, to complete workout, you will need less time.

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One of the biggest benefits of this method of training is that it forces the body to adapt to a wide variety of weights. If you train continuously with large weights and fewer repetitions, the body will adapt and all of a sudden you will not be so strong when you are prompted to perform any activity that requires muscle endurance.

Workout continuously with large weights and fewer repetitions

On the other hand, if you train only for muscular endurance with a large number of repetitions, it is very likely that you will not maximize your energy potential.

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The other advantage of this training is that you really make the transition from comfort zone. Most people just don’t realize how much they are actually strong. Some never tried to put out one maximum workout repetition to realize how much weight they can lift. So don’t just raise the way you feel comfortable and lift in the area from 8 to 12 repetitions.

Getting over six lifting repetitions,  you will see that you can really master the greater weight, which will then be used for muscle strengthening and development.

Pyramid workout for muscle endurance

You need to be aware that by performing the pyramid series that constantly require the use of larger weight, you need to respect proper movements. You will not benefit from the monstrous weight itself if a form of exercise has been violated.

In fact, it will bring you more harm than good. This type of training is best done with a partner who will be able to keep an eye on you when you go for the more demanding series. He will lead you on, if need be, and assist, so that at the end you complete series, without sacrificing the very form of exercise.

Pyramidal workout on complex exercises squat, bench press, deadlift

If you consider yourself a novice, then it’s best to start with the three series as single exercise, repeated by three different weights. Increase the weight from one to two pounds for exercises like kettlebell, where that one kilo may be sufficient to reduce the number of repetitions.

More demanding exercises like squats, of course, require a somewhat higher difference in weights of, say five to ten pounds.

Do four to five series of lifting workout in a row

For more advanced training one should perform four to five series, where the first series usually serves as a warming. Then you further progress with the scheme, 12, 10, 8, 6, well maybe, and four repetitions.

Now you can also use the reverse pyramid in which you increase (greater weight and less reps), and then decrease weight. Reverse the order.

This way you’ll have quite a large muscle volume, but that’s why you should reduce the total number of exercises in training in order to reduce the possibility of overtraining.

Reverse pyramid: increase weight then decrease in series

Larger, more complex exercises are generally a better choice because you can lift greater weight. The smaller muscles can be slightly weaker so that perhaps after one or two jumps in the weights, you discover that you cannot perform any repetition.

You may not be able to execute the required number of series to meet your goal. For example, you might not perform the five series of the kettlebell with constant increase in weight.

When you take this factor into account, you are coming to the conclusion that the pyramidal principles best act on complex exercises (squat, bench press, deadlift).