Weight Bench

Review Of Best Weight Bench: Versa Weight vs Bowflex SelectTech

Are you looking for a good adjustable bench for weightlifting with an adjustable seat and can go 90 degrees, incline, flat, and decline?  The bench press, distributes the weight across your shoulders with the joint in a position of relative stability.

If you’re a believer in compound exercises, that involve a lot of muscle groups in the lift, exercise on a bench press might be a good thing. Putting together a workout full of isolation techniques is a prescription for over training if you’re not following strict plan.

If your just starting out, I’d recommend doing a different muscle each day. You can start benching on chest day once a week, or if you use close grip on triceps day, twice a week.

When you get more advanced you can group muscles together so you do them twice a week.

For example:

After you do three sets of bench press, you should do 3 sets of flies.Those will give you muscle definition, and pressing will give you strength and size.

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Extension Bench

This bench wasn’t too expensive, has four adjustments: 90 degrees (chair), 45 degrees (incline) 0 degrees (flat). Bench transforms any space into efficient and effective weight fitness center Includes removable leg hold-down brace for decline position. 123

Good strong bench. Not heavy and easy to move, hooks to hang dumbbells from four adjustments, a place to lock your feet in for added support, and good padding!

I use it all the time when I’m recovering from being sick in between going back to the gym, or whenever I don’t have time for the gym and need to do a home workout. Excellent muscle-building results with free-weight design.

Bench provides smooth, consistent resistance through the entire range of motion, with a wide range of fitness equipment and fitness accessories, Adjusts to 6 different positions.

Strong likes:

  • The adjustment options are nice to have, but to me they are mostly unnecessary. I only use it in the flat position and one incline position.
  • The leg attachment, again, is very sturdy. If you want a bench primarily for lifting that gives you a sit-up option, this will work just fine.
  • The construction is very sturdy and it took me about a half hour to put together. Overall, I would recommend the bench and I would buy it again.
  • The detachable leg support allows for crunches and sit-ups, one of my basic requirements. Construction and functionality-wise, this bench reminds me of the higher quality equipment I’ve used at health clubs but this is actually better due to the detachable leg support.
  • I like using different inclines and you can use them for support on other things besides bench (curls, offset shoulder work, etc).
  • Also the adjustment is easy (on the way up, you just lift the head of the bench and it jumps to each setting, drop it to set it in place).
  • So if you’re looking for a reason as to WHY you should spend the extra money, it’s simple: adds 30 & 60 degree inclines and an adjustable seat.

What’s the strongest feature of this bench press?

The decline setting is OK, good for chest, not for abs–get a separate ab bench with adjustable decline angles or buy some inversion boots and hang from you’re pull-up bar.

And the leg attachment is removable on both benches–sometimes it gets in the way, pops out with a pin in about 3 seconds.

The 90 degree position is perfect, and makes it safe to do shoulders at home with heavy dumb bell weight if you choose.

The welds are perfect on mine, nice and clean, with full powder coating over everything. No weld spatter. The upholstery seems like it will last a very long time, although I wouldn’t place weights on it or do step-ups with it.

It’s sturdy and simple with good quality welds.

Just use it as a weight bench. Its a great looking piece of equipment, AND if you choose to sell it, you wouldn’t be taking much of a loss on it.

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Weight Bench with Detachable Leg Lock-Down

Triathlon X-Class  is engineered to give you the comfort and support you need for a hard-core strength training workout.

With a 1500 lb. weight capacity, this bench is not only fully adjustable from decline to full military press position but also doubles as a full ab decline bench.

I LIKE Versa Weight Bench for a variety of reasons:

The machine is sturdy and operates very smoothly.

  1. For its cost, I consider it an excellent value for the money. A piece of equipment is made out of well constructed steel.
  2. I found all parts and fittings to be of very good quality, going together well.
  3. The definite Pros of the bench are that it is well-built, sturdy, and functions exactly as you would expect. Great cushions/padding.
  4. They’re somehow angled or tapered near the bench’s seat and back rest joint which helps alleviate that “gap” or void you see with other benches.
  5. The bench is very solid and well worth the money. Just make sure to assemble it well, and I expect it to last a long, long time.
  6. I have been using my bench several times a day now for a good month and its definitely worth the money.
  7. The packaging on this was top notch.

Should you buy Versa Weight Bench?

That depends:
Do you want to get fit and work out on the cheap? Get this machine.

Do you want a small machine that you can move around? Yes get this machine.

Do you want to program different exercise work outs?

DO you want to get in shape for less than a gym membership at home?

The Versa Weight Bench is awesome and it burns more calories than a treadmill. I’m not sure about the “Is the more expensive one better” but as long as your getting the same movement I wouldn’t see a difference. I think the bench trainer would be a smart move.