Unveiling the Keto Conundrum: When Food Fails to Bring Joy

You only need one goal: “stay on plan today.” that’s it. lather, rinse, repeat. before you know it, one day turns into one week, into one month, into one year. if you mess up, start again tomorrow.

Find a keto dessert that satisfies your cravings. It could be Lily’s chocolate or a mug cake or keto cheesecake or red jelly with whipped cream. Always have it on hand so that you have something to reach for when you feel tempted to cheat.

Day to star new diet regime?

Start at your 2nd last working day on the week, better if there are extra holiday ahead, I started at Thursday, I’m off on Saturday and Sunday, and there is also a holiday on Monday so I can lay on my bed and not doing anything while I’m having the keto flu. This is assuming you are lucky enough to have keto flu on your 3rd day.

Ignore the replacement foods. real chicken, beef, pork, and fish will never steer you wrong.

Fat is a limit not a goal. I had already lost 40 pounds on keto before I understood what fat is a limit not a goal meant. Eat as just much fat as you need to feel full but be mindful of what fat you eat and not exceed your fat macros guidelines if you want to lose weight.

Low carb keto weight loss depends on burning your body fat for fuel instead of carbs. If you eat too much fat, you burn your food fat instead of body fat. You need fat to feel full which is why it is said it is a limit meaning do not go over the fat macro.

Get used to taste of new low carb food

Think about texture when planning your meals. If you’re eating something soft like tuna salad, pair it with something crunchy like cucumber slices, moon cheese, or almonds.

GET MORE FIBRE, if you’ve got weird or irregular poops, add more fiber to your diet. Still fiber does not count in net crabs as it’s not digestible and does not enter the blood as glucose. It just passes through digestive system adding volume to your poop and making bowel movement easier and more sustainable even on a high fat.

Drink all the water: electrolytes are essential for keto style!

Don’t forget the electrolytes, but chill with the diet sodas. Get water into your body, you’ll feel less snacky through the day. Remember that you still have to keep your calories down in order to lose weight. I curb mindless snacking by doing 16:8 IF.

Don’t try to replace bread and your favorite carbohydrate rich foods. Cauliflower rice is the one exception, it’s a great substitute for actual rice. Keto “breads” are not all they’re cracked up to be, and won’t scratch that bread itch. Maybe you’ll love keto friendly “breads”. Everyone’s taste is different.

Find out what makes your body feel best

If you like butter in your coffee, or you want to eat spam every day, or if you like eating tons of veggies and sometimes it pushes you over 20g carbs, it’s about what works best for you, not what works best for other people in this sub.

Don’t beat yourself up if you eat too many carbs on accident, or if you slip up. In the first few weeks, don’t worry as much about being frugal. If eating steak is what it takes to make you feel less deprived and more resolute to stay the course, do it. You are forming new eating habits, and the key to making habits stick is make them as enticing as possible up front.

Accept that you will fail at some point. Anticipate cheating, with the resolution that a cheat meal should not lead to a whole cheat day, because that could lead to falling off the wagon long term.

Hunger is just a feeling, and it’s not that bad a feeling

Hunger no longer is a scary feeling that I must avoid at all costs. I actually feel great when hungry on keto knowing that you’re burning fat at that moment. On keto I actually start to like the feeling of having an empty stomach.

I drink coffee in the morning, which probably also helps, but I also drink it with a half-cup of heavy cream, and no matter what, that really helps keeps hunger at bay. When you’re hungry, you should always drink a glass of water and wait a short period.

The signals your brain sends for hunger and thirst are close to each other and occasionally get crossed, so you will sometimes feel hungry when you’re actually thirsty. I think this has something to do with blood sugar and/or the addictive nature of carbohydrates.

Emotions: how we fear hunger

it’s been hardwired how we fear hunger into us that we need to meet a three-meal-a-day standard when in actuality three legit meals a day, puts most of us far in to a caloric surplus.

I get a low blood sugar hunger around 10am every morning, and I challenge myself to let it pass, which only takes 5 minutes, without consuming anything. The body has ways of regulating blood sugar in the absence of caloric intake.

Being hungry is a normal feeling that doesn’t need to be instantly remedied and most of the time you’re just thirsty. It’s low blood sugar vs true hunger on keto.

Make sure you are eating enough overall

Your hunger not being regulated can mean it’s very suppressed which is common in the beginning, this might mean you are under-eating. Lots of people find that simply can’t eat enough in first couple months because their hunger is so suppressed.

When I was eating a lot of carbs, hunger felt like something that had to be taken care of right now. It felt like if I didn’t take care of it with a snack instantly, it was the end of the world.

Hunger on Keto doesn’t feel so desperate.

It’s like I’m being made aware, but it’s more like my body is telling me that it’s something I need to take care of it when I could.

High-carb diets where you’re filling up on mostly carbs and vegetable oil,  you end up really hungry even after eating and so you have to eat until you’re practically sick just to feel some kind of satiety.

Then, it gets even worse when you start thinking of food as a scarce resource — you know you’re going to be horribly hungry in a few hours so you make sure not to skip any meals and you try to get as much food as possible in during your meals.

The whole thing is a big miserable cycle that makes your life revolve around food. if you aren’t hungry then just let it be. But under-eating is not something you want to keep up long term so just keep an eye on things.

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