How to Avoid Hunger Pangs Between Meals: Snack Smart

Eating wonderful food is one of THE big pleasures in life. When I travel, one of the main things I look forward to is trying their food. For almost all humans, our major life and social events and holidays have meals and feasts associated with them.

Eating a bunch of junk food as a staple of your diet and treating yourself to some decadence the once in a while. Like with alcohol, it’s better not to get to the point where you’re so out of control that you can never have a drink again. If you eat healthy habitually, then you can splurge once in a while without feeling so guilty about it. Having beers with friends can be a really fulfilling activity if you don’t let it consume your life.

Tips for Staying Full Throughout the Day

There’s a bunch of ways to really spice this up. I’ll write a few in order of simplicity.

The concept of yogurt being served sweet is quite unique to the west culture. Yogurt is naturally acidic. To make yogurt supplement to my diversity diet I implement some of these tips.

  • Add a pinch of salt, squeeze some lemon, (optional black pepper and olive oil).
  • If you want more protein, a flavored protein powder in yogurt is a great breakfast!
  • Add a clove or two of garlic (more or less depending on taste and how much yogurt) minced very fine, can also be accompanied by a small amount of minced shallots, and a bit of lemon.
  • frozen mixed berries, mainly blueberries because of the antioxidants and the texture it gives the plain yogurt.
  • Tzatziki: Cut up a small cucumber finely, add pinch of salt, lemon.
  • There’s a very well-known mix of herbs that is used in many recipes. Add a bunch of olive oil, and lemon.

Learn to Satisfy Your Hunger

Eating less food in general, less processed food, take more time to prepare meals from relative scratch, and eat with family or friends and make an event out of it for dinner at least. So as long as you have a culture that is based around limited eating of high-quality food it can work.

Some people Live to Eat, and some Eat to Live. I am lucky enough that I am able to do so with restraint and in moderation.

Balance is important. You should eat healthy but you should not move into the extreme of restricting foods that you enjoy and want to eat because that leads to problems as well. Eat a balanced diet of foods that are healthy and foods that may not be healthy but enjoyable in moderation and you will be fine.

Keep you daily diet carbs under 20g to start losing weight

When you’re first starting out, just worry about keeping carbs under 20g. When you feel like you’ve mastered that, then move on to lower calories, exercising, intermittent fasting, or other “add-ons”.

Too many people put too much pressure on themselves trying to cut carbs and calories and start exercising and and all at once… then they stress-out or burn-out in a few weeks. Just let your body adapt to very low carbs for a few weeks, then everything else becomes much easier. If the cravings drive you nuts the first few weeks, eat all the calories you need to keep them at bay without eating carbs.

Everyone is different. Age, activity levels, glucose issues, like diabetes, medications, body composition, gender, and dozens of other factors can change this experience for people. So, don’t necessarily buy into anyone who says you MUST do keto this way or that way.

Avoid Hunger Cravings Between Meals

Make sure you get the amounts listed in your diet, especially the sodium. A quick way to see if you are deficient is to drink a strong cup of salty broth when you feel a headache coming on, it should help pretty fast. The energy level, irritation and headaches all point to not enough sodium since it regulates levels of your other electrolytes.

I need more magnesium than most people, or I get mood swings and quite noticeable irritation. Protein powder is fine, just count the net carbs. When it comes to poop you may end up going a lot less once your guts get settled. Keto tends to be a low waste diet. I settled into about 2-3 times a week after the first week or so.

From Hangry to Happy: Tricks to Keep Hunger at Bay Between Meals

I’ve been searching for low calorie snacks and meals that I can eat in large quantities. I changed up my routine to food a bit and it helped so much. I used to have the bad habit of mindlessly eating in front of the tv, so I made myself stick to eating at the dining table, even for snacks for a long time. If you’re hungry between meals here’s a quick one that would make you full for some hours.

We are creatures of habit. It is very likely there is some kind of association with uncontrollable snacking. For me, it was that we always ate dinner in front of the tv, so no matter what time of day, if the TV was on, the craving all kinds of foods are on spot.

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