How to Induce Ketosis: How Many Carbs Are Allowed?

If you are just starting low carb keto style diet, the main obstacle is usually picking the right food in right amount. You might be able to tolerate more and still maintain ketosis. You can do some self-experimentation and determine that for yourself but we cannot tell you as we have no way of knowing what your personal limit is.

A big part of sustainability is changing your relationship with food. Listen to your body, eat to satiety. If you are actually hungry, have some food, if you are not then don’t. This will become easier in time and you will learn what your body is actually telling you.

Yet how many carbs does any food type have, and how much should you eat. So, let’s try to clarify those topics for you.  

Most people will be in ketosis at 20g net carbs

In most guides you’ll find two main directions: saying 50 g od carbs per day, and some saying 20 g od carbs per day, after you take out fiber.

20g of carbs daily, is a good number to aim for because the majority of people will be in ketosis at 20g net carbs. It’s a safe bet, and at that level you don’t have to worry about it which is why many people stick with it.

20g net will ensure ketosis. An energy deficit will ensure weight loss. Mind your electrolytes- especially if you’re active.

I drink milk is because I use that, cocoa powder, and some cinnamon to make my own hot chocolate. Helps me resist the urge to buy from there, and also helps me study.

It’s so much easier to not overeat when eating isn’t even in the equation until a certain time. Once I start eating, it’s hard to stop, but if I eat it all in one meal, especially with the hard-boiled eggs and ground beef, it’ll be hard to overeat.

 Maintain diet sustainability by changing your relationship with food

Trying to consume all your calories for the day in one sitting is challenging, and you will often just not feel like finishing.

Never force it – take it as a signal to stop for the day. Just make sure you plan everything in advance and make sure to include foods with some bulk to them, not too calorie-dense – like lettuce. Drinking lots of water will help with the urge to eat until it’s time, and you need it on keto anyway.

Energy deficit will ensure weight loss

My favorites are and I recommend salads. Not your basic greens and dressing stuff – I’m talking mounded-on-a-dinner-plate protein-heavy salads.

My favorites are tuna salad, tuna salad on a bed of lettuce, taco salad, egg salad, and Cobb salad.

I would also caution you against milk – each cup is 12g net carbs. A good substitute can be a couple tbsp of heavy cream mixed with almond or coconut milk. Just be careful with the fat, as mayo can blow your macro quickly.

In my opinion, the 20g/day carbohydrate limit is a generic one – it will work for just about anybody. There is a decent amount of variation, though experimentation is done at your own risk. It’s good to have an assurance, and it reinforces discipline.

Keto diet diminishes your urge to binge eat

One thing that’s awesome about keto is that you’ll (almost) completely lose your urge to binge eat. Fats and protein are extremely filling.

When I reduced my carb intake to up to 30g I could eat anywhere from 15-25g of net carbs on average. And sure enough, the first couple of days I got keto flu, then keto breath followed, and finally started feeling like I was in ketosis. 20g is a general guarantee for starters on the diet. Just find what works for you. If that means experimenting, then experiment!

Add vegetables to keto for much more filling, minimal net carb addition

To get volume to your meals you can add fresh vegetables, but keep in mind, ones with low carb burden. Add lettuce/salad greens; put your seasoned cooked beef and some of your eggs and cheese on that, voila – much more filling, minimal net carb addition that is inexpensive and takes a while to chew through.

And switch the whole milk for unsweetened vanilla almond milk to dramatically drop the carbs.

1 cup of whole milk has 12g carbs; 1 cup of silk, unsweetened vanilla almond milk has just under 1 net carb. Then you could splurge far fewer calories and a couple carbs on great value sugar free gelatin and unsweetened/sugar free whipped cream.

After initial weight loss your motivation rises

Once you get past the first couple extended ones and into the swing of things, goodbye lethargy and appetite.

Sugar rollercoaster is a great way to describe it. It really is an addiction, worse for some of us than others of course, and when it is in constant supply, just a few hours without can lead to symptoms of withdrawal. I truly don’t get “hangry” when I fast, my self-esteem is way higher which automatically puts me in a better mood, and there are no sugar drops to lead to irritation.

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