Fitness and Gym Gear Review

We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing the best gear for whatever you may need while exercising in the gym or outdoors.

Medcine balls
5 Medicine Ball Exercises for Your Abs, Arms and Shoulders
So many sports evolve around a ball for a reason. Using medicine ball combined with usual workouts can make them even more effective then strength training exercise.
running shoes, weightlifting shoes
The 5 Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout
Looking for multipurpose running shoes? I’ve tried two popular brands: Nike Flex and Asics Gel venture. I’ve put them to test in different outdoor and indoor exercises.
Exercises tossing the ball
Stability balls: Engage Your Core Muscles
Stability ball exercises are effective in toning up those problem areas. It would be a good way to round out your workout plan
14 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises That Work Your Entire Body
Kettlebells Vs Dumbbells: Which One Is Better For Your Workout?
Decided to start free weights training? As a rule, you’ll want to work with a lighter set and a heavier set of dumbbells during your workouts. Heavy weights will help build muscle mass, while lighter will, workout your joints and tendons.
14 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises That Work Your Entire Body
Boost Your Collagen Strength and Collagen Production
Collagen facilitates new regeneration of skin, muscle, bones and joint cells. It is really a good anti-aging product. Collagen is the foundation for strong connective tissues and aging causes collagen protein to break down weakening the connective tissues.