The Failure of Calorie Restriction for Weight Loss

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calories but those on a low-glycemic index diet lost more weight. This demonstrates that types of foods are important for weight regulation beyond just calorie quantity. Factors like protein, fiber and nutrients play key roles in hunger signals, fat storage and metabolic health. An effective weight loss diet thus focuses both on optimal food quality … Read more

The Benefits and Practical Tips for Trying One Meal a Day (OMAD)

? Improving Your Metabolic Health

The concept of one meal a day (OMAD) has been growing in popularity along with other intermittent fasting approaches and the ketogenic diet. OMAD involves condensing your daily food intake into a single meal within a 1-hour timeframe. This fasting approach can provide various benefits, but also requires some planning and adaptation to implement effectively. … Read more

Reversing Digestive Issues With A Low-Carb Diet

? Improving Your Metabolic Health

Digestive issues are incredibly common, yet many people continue to suffer without realizing that simple dietary changes can provide substantial relief. In this insightful discussion, Dr. Ken Berry, a physician with 20 years of clinical experience, provides guidance on using low-carb diets like keto and carnivore to resolve many gastrointestinal problems. Problems Start In The … Read more