What Happens When You Cut Out Refined Carbs for 14 Days

Removing refined and processed carbohydrates from your diet for just two weeks can lead to dramatic changes in your body and overall health. Here’s an overview of the major benefits you can expect to see.

Stabilized Blood Sugar and Energy Levels

One of the first things you’ll likely notice is more stable blood sugar and energy levels. Within hours of removing refined carbs, your blood sugar won’t spike and crash as much. This means you’ll avoid energy crashes and won’t constantly crave more carbs.

You’ll feel this stabilization through having:

  • More consistent energy throughout the day
  • Less irritability and fewer mood swings
  • A calmer, more focused mental state

Studies show low-carb diets under 20% carbs lead to better long-term glucose control for diabetics. Even just swapping refined carbs for whole food sources can quickly improve blood sugar management.

Increased Urination

After 2-3 days without refined carbs, you may find yourself urinating more frequently. This is a sign your kidneys are releasing excess water as your glycogen stores deplete. It’s a good thing – you’re flushing out inflammation and water weight.

This increased urination is temporary. As your body adapts, your pee output will normalize. Enjoy your skinnier, less bloated appearance in the meantime!

Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity

Within 5-7 days of removing refined carbs, your cells will likely become more sensitive to the hormone insulin. This means your body can better utilize carbs for energy rather than storing them as fat.

You’ll notice this enhanced insulin sensitivity by feeling properly fueled from whole food carbs. Your workouts will seem more productive as your muscles effectively burn carbs for energy.

Improved Sleep Quality

Around 1 week without refined carbs, you may find it easier to fall and stay asleep. Stable blood sugar prevents energy crashes that can disrupt deep sleep.

One study found the higher and faster the blood sugar spike from a meal, the more disrupted the sleep. Smooth, stable blood sugar allows for sounder, higher quality sleep.  Research shows a direct link between blood sugar spikes and drops and sleep quality. When blood sugar rises rapidly after a high-carb meal, it often plummets a few hours later. This drop disturbs sleep.

Getting deep, restorative sleep is crucial for health, immunity, cognitive function, and more. Cutting out refined carbs is one way to enable this through balanced blood sugar.

Decreased Appetite and Cravings

In as little as 1 week, but more likely after 2 weeks, your appetite and cravings will diminish substantially. This is due to regulating the reward center in your brain and avoiding blood sugar spikes.

High glycemic refined carbs trigger your brain’s reward center, leaving you unsatisfied and always wanting more carbs when blood sugar drops. Breaking this cycle regulates appetite.

Lower Triglycerides

After 2 weeks without refined carbs, you may see a noticeable drop in triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) found in your blood.

Having high triglycerides raises your risk for heart disease. Carbohydrates strongly influence triglyceride levels – the more carbs you eat, especially refined carbs, the more your liver produces triglycerides.

Cutting out refined carbs lowers the amount of excess carbohydrates available for triglyceride production. This directly reduces the liver’s generation of triglycerides, lowering cardiovascular disease risk.

Seeing lower triglycerides on a blood test after 2 weeks no refined carbs provides concrete proof of improved metabolic health.

Less Inflammation

After 2-3 weeks sans refined carbs, you may notice less joint pain, better skin, and fewer illnesses. This is due to lower systemic inflammation.

Studies show low glycemic diets reduce inflammatory markers like CRP, even when carbs are moderately high. Simply swapping refined carbs for whole foods makes a big difference.

Bottom Line

The takeaway is clear: Refined and processed carbs are the problem, not carbs in their whole food form. Try cutting out refined carbs for just 14 days and see how much better your body and brain feel when fueled with nourishing whole foods.

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